stage: outdoor

The outdoor stage will open at 11:00am. Performances will begin at 12:00pm. Performances will end at 10:00pm. The stage will be surrounded by vendors, bars, grassy nooks, seating and interactive displays.

12:45 PM    Tyler Pase
1:00 PM    Amaleia
1:15 PM    Among Moons
1:30 PM    Highland Kites
1:45 PM    Emily Gold
2:00 PM    Beaullebelle
2:15 PM    Mister Mudd
2:30 PM    Marigold
2:45 PM    Andrea Silva
3:30 PM    Allison Weiss
4:15 PM    Livingmore
5:00 PM    Color Me Home
5:15 PM    Jaden Larue
5:30 PM    Mariel Loveland
6:30 PM    Jaden Osmon
6:45 PM    Crush Club
7:00 PM    Kimya Dawson
8:00 PM    Tara Louise
8:15 PM    Ora The Molecule
8:30 PM    Arthur
8:45 PM    Urias
9:00 PM    The Wilder Society


stage: indoor

The Indoor Headlning Stage opens at 2:00pm. Performances will begin at 2:00pm and end at 11:00pm. This is a 1200 person theater with a gorgeous stage.

Short films & music videos will be played between each set.

3:00pm: Joey Dosik
4:00pm: Frith
5:00pm: The Active Set

6:00pm: Kodiac
7:00pm: Surprise Guest
8:00pm: Lily Kershaw
9:00pm: Jade (formerly of Edward Sharpe)
10:00pm: Josiah & The Bonnevilles

Short Film Order:
(between each indoor MainStage act)
Pop Le Cheval (5 mins)
Affections (16 mins)

Awesome Thank You (7 mins)
Immobile Home (14 mins)

Thou Shalt Not Murder (3 mins)
Petro (15 mins)

Barely (4 mins)
Thunder Road (13 mins)

Let's Be Civil, Kenneth (9 mins)
My Daughter's Boyfriend (14 mins)

Rendez Vous (4 mins)
Too Legit (17 mins)

The Cyclist (10 mins)
Pink Grapefruit (11 mins)
We Were Wanderers of a Prehistoric Earth (3 mins)


Vendors will be active outdoor from 11:00am-10:00pm.

Bars will be open all day until close.

The indoor lobby will hold a slew of band merchandise tables where you can purchase all your favorite artists' CDs, t-shirts and more.