Dog-Eared Records is a label started in Los Angeles, California in 2015 by Charlsey Kellen. It is born from a love of physical format media and art, as well as an exceptional inability to create music. While Charlsey’s one true love is emo music, Dog-Eared Records proudly supports all forms and genres of art.




Artist Muse produces cutting-edge cultural events that showcase both art and space. Our goal is to connect individuals to a thriving art community in which they can experience art in unique and engaging environments outside of the typical gallery. We produce exhibitions showcasing a diverse roster of emerging and renowned artists for a distinguished list of buyers, influencers and celebrities. We believe that visual arts are vital for personal wellbeing and serve a critical catalyst for socio-economic development. As such, a percentage of our profits always benefits local art-centered charities.


The ambassador (THE VENUE)

Nestled near the intersection of two busy freeways in west Pasadena is one of the world's most beautiful and esteemed concert halls: Ambassador Auditorium. The Worldwide Church of God built Ambassador Auditorium as a center of worship at its international headquarters in Pasadena, and later opened it to the public for fine cultural performances. The marvelously modern auditorium took 12 years to conceptualize and two years to build. Ambassador Auditorium hosted 20 seasons of the world's best musicians and performers from 1974 to 1995.

Its magnificent walls have reverberated with the sound of applause from 2.5 million concertgoers at over 2,500 concerts, while achieving a world-renowned reputation as one of the world's finest performance halls. 

After a ten-year hiatus, the esteemed concert hall was desitined for the wrecking ball when HRock purchased Ambassador in 2004. It is Hrock's worship home as well as a venue for fine performances. Since acquiring the concert hall, the church has spent more than $1 million in its ongoing efforts to restore Ambassador to its former glory so it may fulfill its great destiny to present today's greatest performing artists and musicians.