dialogue with treehouse artists

Who are you and what made you that?

My name is Cassie Boettcher. I am a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-born girl, reborn in LA, throw in some sass and talking-way-too-fast and a lot of beer and some sad songs and that’s about me.

What made you that?

My childhood, probably; Growing up in a household of loud people who like to make music and perform. I grew up singing in choirs. I wrote a lot of songs in math and religion class.

At that young age, I was very inspired by the early Taylor Swift songs combined with the songs my dad would listen to - like James Taylor, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty.

I am a person of words. I love words. That’s what makes me a storyteller.

What other forms of writing do you do?

I enjoy journaling. That’s probably where it all started. In high school, I started a word-vomit journal where I would throw down anything and everything. Being a person of words means I often have a lot of them. In a 3 minute and 30-second song, you can’t always get all those words out. Journals let me throw my words, dissect my feelings and then figure out how to form these into song.

I write mostly when I intensely feel something. That’s when I write the most songs, journal the most- the moments of intense feeling.

Speaking of boys earlier (prior to the interview), these past few weeks, I’ve been really feeling that whole situation. There’s been a lot of wheels spinning in my brain. Journaling has helped and is a huge thing for me.

What have you been working on recently?

I have an album being released next week on Friday, March 15th, 2019 with a record release show the same night at the Hotel Cafe that night- 7pm on the second stage.

Yet, I’ve already begun writing new stuff.

It’s weird that as I premier this chapter of songs, I’m working on the next chapter of songs about experiences that have only happened recently. Prepping those tunes is exciting.

You cook one baby for a while and then you’ve got to cook the next one for a while before you serve them to anyone.

[laughs at how that sounds]

What self-resistance do you run into as an artist?

Oh man. Not being good enough. I think that’s for everybody but it hindered my art for a while. When I was in college, I was playing music a lot and semi-professionally. I was on track to keep doing that professionally once I graduated but I kind of needed to take a step back because I was comparing myself to others- like one girl, who had started at the same time as I. She was getting signed to a publishing deal, record deal and I was jealous of that situation.

I was also going through a break up at the time. Tons of things were going on. I had to stop doing music. I took a break from it to reevaluate why I do it in the first place.

You realize this isn’t about yourself. You do this to share stories with others.

That’s what this album is about. It’s titled “More Than That”.

It encapsulates that concept. I was defining myself per what other people thought of me

“She’s too Taylor Swift.”

“ She doesn't fit into the pop mold.”

“She doesn’t fit into the country mold either.”

I realized I am so much more than what anyone says of me.

And there probably wasn’t even that many people saying these things. It could have all been in my head.

I’ve noticed that the older I get, the fewer fucks I give. Pardon my French.

If you don’t like this, you don’t like this. You can go find someone else to listen to!

Realizing your worth. You define your worth. You define yourself. So, go make something of yourself that you are proud of.


Realizing your worth. You define your worth. You define yourself. So, go make something of yourself that you are proud of.

Why do you make music? What’s the point?

I’m a person who likes sad songs and loves sad music. A lot of people say this but I’ve never met anyone who loves sad music as intensely as I do.

Recently, sad songs are all that I’ve been writing.

When I intensely feel something, that’s when I write- to get those stories across.

I love hearing things like, “That song broke my heart” or “I really felt this. I had a similar experience with an ex and this song told that story.”

Sad songs admit that we’re all human, that we all make mistakes, that we don’t all have perfect relationships and that we all get sad about things sometimes. 

I like putting sad songs out into the world because I know that anyone else can relate- as we’re all human.

What role does art have in society?

I think art is so important. It’s an escape. It’s a life. It’s what brings us life. It’s what inspires us. It’s what inspires others. Art is just the greatest thing the world and it needs to be appreciated more and more. 

It needs to keep being loved.

Advice for the 24-year old you.

Move out to LA. Which you’re going to do. Don’t let your parents make you stay in Wisconsin. Even though you love your parents. My mom will read this. Give it your all. Be a badass. Be good to others and help others.

Is there a specific that you’re passionate about regarding this new release?

I did a Britney Spears cover of “Baby One More Time”. Brit Brit was my ultimate inspiration as a child. My sister and my two neighbors, we had a little pop group called The Britneys. 

We’d make up songs in our backyards and um…well, sing them…and we were called The Britneys. [laughs]

So, putting this record out with a Britney Spears cover really brings it full circle and makes me really happy.