dialogue with treehouse artists

Who are you and what made you that?

I’m Taylor Meskimen and I’m an actress and  artist. And I’m pretty sure I was just born this way.

Like Lady Gaga?
Yes, pretty much.

I had this weird blood disease when I was born so I got injected with acrylic paint, microphone cords and scrabble pieces. That really just solidified the whole thing.

Okay, good start.

What have you been working on recently?

I’ve been very interested in working as a narrator for audiobooks. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I sort of just fell into it. I realized it was something that I really like doing - telling stories and I’m pretty decent at it so...

I’ve also been creating more on writing, film and working on getting all the ideas I have in my head out into the world.

As for acting, I’ve done commercials, a lot of voice overs and short films. I’ve loved doing all of this but this year, I’ve realized how much more I want to reach into. So, my focus has been on setting higher goals for myself as an actress- creating my own content and being a little more daring in that regard to really put myself out there as a performer. 

What self-resistance do you run into as an artist?

[whispers] Self resistance....

I’d say, my biggest thing has been not enough carry-through on the ideas that I have because of self-doubt or thinking that my ideas aren’t good enough. It’s hard not to compare yourself to other artists and sometimes that can just stop a person. I’ve realized, recently, that I really am the only one who can stop myself from creating anything and when I think about this way, it all sounds pretty silly. Now, when I get scared about sharing something that I made, that just pushes me to share it. I know that if I’m having that feeling, that means that I really should share it.

Why do you act? What’s the point?

I act because...I feel like without acting and creating that I don’t have a point. There are many things that I want to communicate and I’ve found that to be a really amazing outlet for that as well as being able to have the ability to duplicate, understand other people. It’s what life is all about. So, as an actor, you have to really love people- a lot. There’s so much that comes with that in the form of help, expansion and being able to be comfortable taking on different viewpoints- it helps you grow as a person, communicate ideas and share messages that you are passionate about. 

What role does art have in society?

I think art is very important in society. Without it, the world would be a very and lonely place. I think, as artists, we have this huge responsibility for the world- to create and inspire people. The effect that good art creates is giving people reasons to live- creation is a natural thing in life and that’s how anything grows- out of creation. It’s the artist’s job to enhance the society.

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you and did you use it drive your art?

I think the worst and best things that have ever happened to me have inspired me to create art. I’ve had relationships where I was very sad and that motivated me to create as a way to take myself out of that feeling and make it into something beautiful.